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Bacteria, mold, and mildew are some of the serious issues that take place in a house environment. These things can grow really fast, and they can affect the heating and cooling conditioning systems of your house. In this case, you have two options, and the first is to get your AC replaced if it’s in a worse condition, or you can use Ultraviolet lights to fight with all the mildew, mold, and bacteria.

especially in hot and humid city like HOUSTON These bad things can cause many health issues by affecting the fresh conditioned air around you. You must take some action if you see any signs of these bad elements. As we have suggested to you the two solutions above, you can hire an expert near you from GreenCityPros which serve 50 mile radius from houston for the AC replacement, or you can use UV lights for the prevention of these bacteria.

When you need UV lights?


If the mold, bacteria, microbial growth. have already caused harm to your/air duct air conditioning system, then you have first to get your AC replaced (good thing our the manufacturer is right here in Houston) . If your AC is in good condition, then you can go for UV light rays for eliminating the risk of these bad elements to occur.

Your heating and cooling systems work under dark conditions in the attic and most of all hot and humid in Houston. These conditions can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria to take place. When the air is passed through these conditioning systems, the bacteria spread all over your room environment. This makes our house environment impure. Once these contaminants are inhaled by your family members, it can cause many diseases.

in HOUSTON where its very hot, humid, theres attic condesation to the duct work and AC, radical climate change which all reasons for bacteria growth to start. the dust over time turns into growth and then mildew and worse  its very easy for mold to be build thats why we have to take every percution neccesery especialy with the air we breath.

For the prevention of the above scenario, we use UV lights within our AC system. Your family will never be exposed to the UV lights because they are enclosed within your AC system. UV lights will only attack the germs and bacteria to keep your room environment maintained with better air quality.

Ultraviolet Indoor Air Purifying system

The working of these ultraviolet lights is different from the air purifying filters. These lights are enclosed in the system, and your house members are not exposed to these lights. It helps to eliminate all the contaminants that can cause harm to your Air Conditioning system or your fresh air.

Once the UV lights are active in the system, you should never look into them directly because they are harmful to us. These lights will clean the area in your AC system, where the growth of bacteria is predictable. The UV lights system is affordable, and the installation process is easier when you hire GreenCityPros to fix your UV lights properly.

Key Benefits

Here are some key benefits of using Ultraviolet lights, but keep in mind that if your AC system is in bad condition, then you must get it replaced. AC replacement is important before you actually implement the Ultraviolet lights. Here are some benefits:

  • Bacteria, mold, mildew is finished.
  • It helps to breathe better.
  • No risks of contaminated air.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Destroys every spot for bacteria, mold, etc. production.
  • Easy to use.

GreenCityPros UV Lights & AC Replacement.

PROUD HOUSTOIAN HOME SERVICES COMPANY HAPPY TO SERVICE YOU HVAC SYSTEM 24/7 The conditions to replace your AC are already mentioned above. Sometimes replacement is crucial before UV light installation. Once your AC is well-maintained, you can now get your UV lights installed by GreenCityPros in your Texas area. We ensure quality work with quick services every time. Feel free to give us a call, and our expert teams will be there to assist you.


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